Donna Thompson

Transport & Operations

Who is your favourite sports star?

I don’t do sports – can I pick a celebrity instead…. James Cordon…. He is genius… everything he produces is magical. His imagination is just awesome.

What is your favourite film?

Burlesque – it is such a feel good film, the music is awesome, the dancing is energetic and Christina’s voice is amazing. I must have watched it over 100 times and could probably recite the script word for word if I had to.

Who's the most famous person you have ever met?

I met the cast of coronation street and Hollyoaks when travelling to Santa’s grotto in Iceland for a special trip with “wish upon a star”. My son was nominated for the trip by his consultant after his treatment for his Heart defect had been completed, it was such a wonderful trip. All the stars were so involved and made the day so special for the kids.

Where is your favourite holiday destination?

I loved Florida, it was the best holiday ever (and the most expensive). My kids loved all the theme parks and everything Disney, but now they are all grown up I prefer to holiday with friends in Turkey, the people there are so nice, I go to the same hotel each year and meet up with some really  nice people from all over the world, we call it the September club…. Another plus is that the residents bar is open 24 hours…

What are your favourite hobbies?

DIY (when I get the time) I enjoy a session at the bingo with my sisters and the old dear (my mum) especially at Christmas when we all wear our Christmas jumpers and do a secret santa. I like completing word puzzles and crosswords. I like to cut hair in my spare time too, I only do it for family these days though…. Maybe there is a reason for that…. I love spending time with my grandsons, they are my little rays of sunshine.

What meal would you cook for your works team?

It would have to be a buffet – there are so many fussy eaters, one meal would not please everyone unless it was a Nandos, or Subway, Mcdonalds or KFC…...

If you could change one thing in this world what would it be?

Poverty, no one should have to live in poverty. With all the money there is in the world if it was shared out equally, no one would be better off than anyone else, no one would be envious of anyone else. Greed is also another thing I would change – human greed, the need for more, especially when getting what you want means hurting others.

“Thank you for considering Belle Vue for your next travel requirement. Our goal is to provide a transport service by road that is safer, cleaner and greener. We’d love to be part of your next travel adventure. Please contact our friendly team if we can assist you further.”

- Phil Hitchen M.D. Belle Vue (Manchester) Ltd.