The Belle Vue Driver Team


Our fleet driver team consists of three departments which all work integrated with each other. They are:


  •  Yellow School Bus Drivers

  •  Wheel Chair Acessible Coach Drivers

  •  Corporate / Private Hire / Day Trip Excursion & Tour Drivers.


Our team are selected and hand chosen for their driving skills, their strong personalities and their personal desire to go above and beyond the call of duty. You can be assured each team member on what ever service you choose will go the 'extra mile.'


Our team are:


  • Friendly

  • Courteous

  • Smart

  • Professional

  • Customer Focused

  • Bonus Incentified

  • Safe and Sound

  • Punctual


We hold vigorous interviews which ensure we select the best individuals we can to enhance our team of staff. After recruitment, which includes driving assessments, induction and training days, reference checks and CRB checks, we develop our team through training days to perform to the highest standards at all times. All our HR Services are backed by Natwest Bank's Mentor Services ensuring a strict and comprehensive staff management policy is in place.


Our company thrives on 'constant and never ending improvement' and our teams performance is constantly monitored and rewarded with 'performance bonuses.'


We operate our business on the policy of customer retention and we see our driver team as an integral part of sustaining this policy. All our aftersales assessments and driver feedback reports are constantly assessed to ensure our services are improving each and every day.


Our teams performance include:


  • Carrying out personal vehicle walk round checks

  • Double checking of preparation of travel routes

  • Arriving up to 15 minutes early at the departure point

  • Meet and greet services with the group leader / organiser on arrival at the departure point (with a smile and a handshake)

  • Introductory briefings on the microphone before departure including health and safety on board, vehicle facilities and the days agenda

  • Throughout the journey our drivers issue informative briefings whilst touring including traffic updates (if required) and generally they are on hand to ensure the safety and comfort of the passengers


Our driver team consists of ladies and gentlemen, with varied personalities of many different backgrounds and cultures. We have drivers who are excellent communicators with children, ensuring funtastic day trip excursions are had on school trip excursions. We have drivers who are sensitive and caring and excellent at carrying clients with accessible requirements or special needs. We have a team of informative and entertaining tour drivers and we also provide crisp, sharp corporate coach drivers who are excellent at handling multi coach movements involved with moving large numbrs of people to tight schedules involving conferences. We also offer a high profile, non intrusive, corporate coaching service.


Our drivers are requested time and time again such was the pleasure the last driver gave on a recent journey. However, all of our team work to an 'Operations Manual / Driver Hand Book' highlighting the companys operating policies. Only the individual personality of the driver differentiates our customers level of perception on every journey undertaken.


Our team look forward to meeting you on your next travel requirement.



Belle Vue Driver Team pass their CPC Driver Training.


We are pleased to confirm that our driver team have passed their CPC Driver Training and qualified for completion of their 35 hours periodic training in October 2010.


The course entailed completing 5 modules of 7 hours periodic training over the next 5 years. Belle Vue completed 3 modules in July 2009 and the final 2 modules this in October 2010.


New recruits will join an ongoing scheme to do annual CPC Training on an ongoing basis to ensure we meet with current EU Legislation.


Belle Vue provides 5 CPC training days per year as best practise to enhance our teams customer service skills- we believe 'victory loves preparation.'


Belle Vue (Manchester) Ltd, The Travel Centre, Discovery Park, Crossley Road, Stockport, SK4 5DZ
Tel:  0161 947 9477
Registered in England No. 3272014

Belle Vue (Manchester) Ltd, The Travel Centre, Discovery Park, Crossley Road, Stockport SK4 5DZ. Tel: 0161 947 9477

Registered in England No. 3272014