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September 2, 2019

Back-To-School Road Safety – What Drivers Need To Know

The beginning of September usually means one thing: school starts and thousands of students are on their way to their classrooms again.

Back to school also means drivers need to pay extra attention to what is happening on the road. Here is our guide to what to look out for in the coming weeks.

Back-to-school road safety:

  1. School safety zones
    Developed to provide a safe traffic environment for children entering and leaving the school, these zones usually have a low speed limit anyway. This should not stop you from taking extra care in these zones and be ready to react fast. Kids can move quickly and are not as mindful about the traffic as adults.
  2. Crossing guards – the lollipop men and women
    These wonderful people help children safely cross the street. They are hard to overlook in their high-visibility clothing. If you see a guard starting to cross, slow down and come to a stop until the guard and kids have reached the pavement.
  3. School buses
    School buses are part of the busy traffic also. If you see one, keep a safe distance and be prepared to stop more often. Make sure you can see its mirrors, so the bus driver can see you! Don’t overtake a bus that has stopped to let kids enter or exit. Children can unexpectedly come running onto the road. Also, watch out for kids that trail behind.
  4. The school run
    If you are regularly driving past a school, your journey will very likely be disrupted and prolonged by parents dropping off their kids. Traffic can move more slowly than previously. You should be prepared to come to a halt more often. If you can, try to avoid the busiest times between 8-9am and 3-4pm. 
  5. Young cyclists
    Take extra care when you see young cyclists on their way to school. Often they are not as experienced as adult cyclists. They can turn without proper signalling. Young cyclists are generally still learning to determine the road traffic conditions. Keep your distance. When overtaking, allow extra safety space and indicate early.
  6. Plan more time
    Be prepared that your journey might take a few minutes longer than it used to in the past weeks during the 6-week summer holiday break. Avoid rushing and speeding and follow the rules of the road.

Accessible Travel

From a coach with a lift to advanced local knowledge!

Belle Vue Coaches has a large and varied fleet of vehicles. In short, however many people needing transport – plus all their needs, can be met by Belle Vue Coaches!

No matter what the size and class of your party, group, family or club and wherever you may be travelling to, we have a wheelchair-friendly coach that will meet your requirements.

Belle Vue Coaches spans Manchester, Cheshire, Derbyshire, Lancashire and beyond. No destination is a  problem. With us, you are in the right place for wheelchair accessible coaches in the North West of England to anywhere in Europe!

So, whenever you need to transport a group of people with accessible requirements, Belle Vue’s wheelchair-friendly coach service has all the accessible features to transport wheelchair users more comfortably.

We really do have the best facilities onboard to make your journey a successful, safe and comfy one. Belle Vue’s highly trained driver crew is exceptional in looking after you from journey start to drop off home!

Available accessible transport service across Manchester and the North West

  • There is a wide selection of journeys to choose from. We have a brochure with over 70 day trip packages in it, loads more ideas and suggestion on Coach Hire Manchester and Funtastic Trips!
  • We have done all the research in going to the places we list
  • Elite driving squad trained to troubleshoot and resolve issues and problems that occur with panache and decorum
  • We piece great attractions, restaurants and shopping outlets together to make the perfect great day-trip
  • People can mix and match ideas and can create bespoke trips to suit their requirements. It is so simple
  • CAN’T is not a word in the Belle Vue customer experience requirement
  • They cover afternoon tea parties, markets and shopping outlets, tourism and culture
  • Belle Vue Coaches makes life easy for group organisers. If you book with us e.g. at Christmas, the chances are people will still be congratulating you on a fantastic event the next summer. Read our article about the Christmas Party Legend! It could be you!
  • We have a lift on the coach that means wheelchair users and people with stiff knees, limited mobility, etc. can avoid the steps!
  • Our drivers are specially trained to make every passenger INCLUDED rather than EXCLUDED. It’s not just about the coach having a lift, it is also about the service you experience, too!
  • We make FUN DAYS OUT for every kind of group – to every kind of place, it’s a ball on wheels!

You’re safer visiting Manchester and London than walking your dog or making a brew!

It has been a testing few weeks with the terrorist attacks in Manchester and London. Some Group Organisers are nervous about venturing into the cities. We are writing to inform you our team are prepared and vigilant and have been trained in prevention and protection.

In October last year, long before any attacks in Manchester, our team attended the Greater Manchester Police Headquarters for a training session in counter terrorism. In the spring we have rolled our Counter Terrorism training programme out across the team weeks before any events in Manchester had happened.

Our team are trained in how to stop an attack from happening and if that’s not possible then how to mitigate the impact. We are trained to seek out suspicious behaviour and packages. We know how to take actions to strengthen passenger security and keep our passengers safer. Although the UK is on a severe security grading the chances of an incident happening on your trip are extremely low indeed.

Over the last 10 years there’s been 1.4 deaths per year in the UK due to terrorism – which, according to research from BuzzFeed, means you’re more likely to be killed by dogs (18 deaths per year), hot water (100 deaths per year) or using your phone while driving (2,920 deaths per year).

On the night of the Manchester Arena attack we had numerous coaches out on conference work which ended up in the city on lockdown all night. Our team handled the events of that evening superbly. We also provided complimentary transport for the councillors attending the vigil in Manchester and provided transport for the victims families at the One Love Concert.

Manchester is a City United. We don’t live in fear and we go about our daily business as normal. You should too. You can be assured that the safety of our passengers is paramount and we take whatever steps necessary to make our services safer for our passengers.

Thank you for your continued support. Assuring you of our close and personal attention at all times.

Yours sincerely,

Philip Hitchen