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How to save money on your school trips

Belle Vue save clients money by:

  1. TRACKING FLEET VEHICLES - Passing on fuel savings from efficient driving.
  2. INTEGRATING TRANSPORT - Integrating your transport plan into our transport network to make efficiencies
  3. GOVERNMENT FUNDED VEHICLES - Providing schools with Government Funded Vehicles making standard vehicle costs lower
  4. TOP TIPS TO PLAN SCHOOL TRIPS - Providing Tips Booklets to schools for planning school trips, saving time and money.
  5. DESTINATION PLANNING - Destination planning saving time and money on day trip planning.

These five money saving actions are what save schools money on their transport requirements whilst still guaranteeing top quality performance.

Belle Vue Coach next to a Mercedes F1 Car

1. Tracking Fleet Vehicles

Fuel Cost Savings:
Through meticulous management and weekly driver performance reviews, we achieve fuel savings of between 0 – 20%, with current savings averaging 12%. This not only benefits the environment but also contributes to our ability to offer competitive pricing, by passing savings on to our school clients.

At Belle Vue, we're passionate about delivering not just exceptional journeys across the North West, the UK, and the EU, but also ensuring your safety and comfort with our fleet of 80 advanced vehicles.

Our coaches and buses are kitted out with the latest Q Star and Actia Tracking Systems, giving us and you real- time insights into every journey. This tech not only boosts our efficiency and reduces emissions but also helps us save on fuel costs, savings we pass directly to you.


Plus, it's all part of why we were awarded the ‘Safety & Innovation Award’ at the UK Coach Awards. We believe in transparency and trust, offering our regular clients, exclusive access to track their journeys, ensuring peace of mind from start to finish.

Keen to find out more about our trailblazing tracking technology and how it enhances your travel with us? Speak to our team for the full scoop on our commitment to leading the way in safe, efficient, and innovative travel.

At Belle Vue, we are committed to providing not only exceptional travel experiences across the North West, the UK, and the EU but also ensuring the utmost safety and efficiency of our services. Our fleet of 80 vehicles is equipped with state-of-the-art tracking systems, a testament to our dedication to innovation and excellence in passenger transport.

Advanced Tracking for Optimal Performance

Each coach and school bus in our fleet is fitted with the industry-leading Q Star Tracking Systems, while our new Optare Hybrid Versa school buses boast the sophisticated Actia Tracking Systems. These advanced technologies offer us unparalleled visibility and control over our fleet, ensuring that we can deliver a service that is not just reliable, but also exceeds expectations in terms of comfort and efficiency.

  • Real-Time Vehicle Monitoring: We maintain constant oversight of our vehicles' locations and activities, enhancing our ability to manage our fleet effectively.
  • Engine Idling Control: By monitoring and managing engine idling, we significantly reduce unnecessary fuel consumption and emissions.
  • Driving Performance Optimisation: Our systems allow us to refine driving behaviours, (eradicating dangerous driving) eliminating inefficiencies, and ensuring smoother, more enjoyable journeys for our passengers.
  • Fuel Cost Savings: Through meticulous management and weekly driver performance reviews, we achieve fuel savings of between 0 – 20%, with current savings averaging 8 – 12%. This not only benefits the environment but also contributes to our ability to offer competitive pricing.
  • Rewarding Excellence: Our drivers are the backbone of our service. With the aid of our tracking systems, we can identify and reward those who consistently demonstrate superior performance, through better salaries and performance bonuses.

Your Involvement and Peace of Mind

Understanding the importance of transparency and trust, we offer our regular clients exclusive access to tracking codes, allowing you to monitor your vehicle's journey directly. This feature underscores our commitment to providing you with peace of mind and a deeper connection to your travel experience.

Award-Winning Innovation

Our dedication to safety and innovation was recognised when we were honoured with the prestigious ‘Safety & Innovation Award’ at the UK Coach Awards 2015. This accolade is a reflection of our unwavering commitment to leading the industry in adopting technologies that enhance the safety and satisfaction of our passengers.

Should you wish to learn more about our tracking operations or how we can tailor our transport solutions to meet your needs, please do not hesitate to contact our transport office. We are here to ensure your travel experience with Belle Vue is nothing short of exceptional.

Thank you for choosing Belle Vue. We look forward to continuing to serve you with the highest standards of safety, efficiency, and innovation.


2. Integrating Transport

The second way BELLE VUE save you money is we look at all of your transport movements across the year (all the trips you normally travel) and we look and assess where we can save you money on your annual spend.

We do this by cutting out dead mileage! By integrating your transport with our current transport movements across the fleet. The nearest vehicles to your school and destination centres are allocated making the travel costs efficient! Rather than pay for vehicles to sit outside tourist attractions you only pay for the movements there and back! All these savings mean we pass discounts on to schools and colleges, especially where we do all the work from these establishments.

Regular transport clients receive discounts off their annual spend, they receive the same high standard of vehicle(s) on their contract all the time, with the same driver(s) so we get to know your transport movements and be more efficient and offer a higher personal service to your teachers.

3. Government Funded Vehicles

We’re cost effective because many of our school bus fleet vehicles are government funded through TfGM (Transport for Greater Manchester) as part of our school contracts. Rather than have large capital outlays for vehicle costs (such as vehicle finance) we only have insurance and maintenance costs which are relatively low compared to the industry standard.

This results in low standing vehicle costs which means your overall price is far lower. If we had finance of £3000 a month for a new coach, that is £36,000 per year at 250 operational days equating to £144 a day just on the finance. This saving is saved for schools and colleges on their school trips when utilising Government Funded School Buses in the BELLE VUE Fleet!


4. Tips Booklet

Saving time and money and building value

Thinking about taking the leap outside those school gates for a trip? Sounds a bit daunting in our 'watch-your-back' culture, right? Well, with Belle Vue, it's a breeze. Every year, we're the trusted wheels for two million passengers, turning school outings into epic adventures. And guess what? Everyone comes back buzzing with stories and a fresh zest for each other.

Teachers who've been there, done that, can't stop talking about how these trips flip the script on student-teacher dynamics, breaking down barriers and sparking real, human connections.

Keen for a hassle-free trip that's actually fun?

Snag our FREE tips booklet here for the inside scoop. Plus, don't just take our word for it – click here to see what other teachers say about their unforgettable Belle Vue adventures. Let's make those school trip myths a thing of the past!

5. Destination Planning

Saving time and money with our Destination Planner tool which is a website full of attraction guides created by Belle Vue to assist class room assistants, school teachers and group organisers in helping them choose a suitable attraction to visit by coach that meets the expectations of the group, gets them there and back safely and saves a few pounds on the budget.

We’ve done all the hard work for you in gaining up to date information on the best attractions around, at the best prices. Our coach travel and attraction entrance packages are something to save you a few pounds on your budget and also create a one stop shop making the research and booking process simple for a group organiser.


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