Staff and Management Training

Belle Vue are committed to staff training.
Our business has three core values to providing a market leading service.

Training Our People

Customer Feedback Improvements

Fleet Investment

  • Leadership & Development training to our senior management team. This includes personality profiling using the Insights and iMA Communication systems. These systems and the management teams understanding of them are what make our business the product that it is. Great things are never done by one person, they’re done by a team of people. Belle Vue are committed to Leading & Developing High Performance.


  • iMA Training to all of our team. Connectivity is a fundamental life skill and yet, up until now little or no training has been available to us. iMA is an exciting new universal language, designed to maximise connectivity i.e. mutual liking, trust, understanding and respect. Everyone in the world speaks one of four iMA dialects, putting her/him on the same wavelength as 25% of the world’s population. The majority of people, many of whom are important to your success, are on a different wavelength than you. The universal language of iMA is a simple way of observing and understanding the differences in people, then connecting with them on their wavelength. When this happens communication, trust, understanding, co-operation and sales go up, and stress and tension go down.


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  • Our Transport team are certified to CPC standard across the company. Our drivers operate to the Drivers CPC standard and our transport management is also to the CPC Management standard.


  • Our Garage Staff are all trained to DVSA Maintenance Standards, operating to IMIAL Level 3 Mechanics, and also IRTEC Approved Inspection Technician Standard. Our team have also completed LOLER Training for accessibility standards with our maintenance director completing ALA Management BTEC Level 3 and Level 2 for Team Leading.


  • Our office team have completed NVQs from management to customer service, some of which have been decorated in Industry Awards.

Belle Vue are passionate about building teams that peak perform. The rules of the game have changed today. Its time to trash old strategies with a new unique approach. One that takes zero’s to heroes, building apprentices to senior managers.

We have the cloud based software solutions to help recruit, train and retain the best staff, put left brained thinking people on projects and tasks, and right brained relationship people on sales, relationship hospitality, and customer service, to ensure clients and passengers wants, needs and expectations are met and exceeded time after time.

“Thank you for considering Belle Vue for your next travel requirement. Our goal is to provide a transport service by road that is safer, cleaner and greener. We’d love to be part of your next travel adventure. Please contact our friendly team if we can assist you further.”

- Phil Hitchen M.D. Belle Vue (Manchester) Ltd.