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Looking for coach hire in Manchester for your next travel requirement?

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A transport service by road that is safer cleaner and greener.

Coach Hire Manchester

Best Value - We create best value by assessing a client’s transport requirements and matching our best solutions to meet their requirements. (On large transport movements, we weigh up the summary of movements and integrate them with our existing transport, this enables us to cut out dead mileage, make vehicle movements more efficient resulting in better costs to the client.)

It is perceived in the public that to obtain best value you should go out and get three prices. Surely the best price is the best value right? – WRONG!

The best way to get best value is to obtain the best operator with the best practice and get a discount for the annual transport spend up front. Bus and coach hire is seasonal and prices go high during the times people want to travel. By obtaining prices upfront at the start of the year, you get discounts for an annual spend rather than a weekly one. Over the year this can save you thousands of pounds if you are a busy organisation. Furthermore, if you get an operator with all the best practice, you have won the lottery with the deal.

We would like to paint you a picture because making the wrong decision can have serious repercussions. Imagine a broken-down bus or even worse a crash, with your passengers stranded on the motorway. How are you going to get them home and deal with the consequences? 

Did you ask all the right questions, about fleet maintenance, safety records, driver training and screening, policies, and breakdown cover? Let us explain how we can help you achieve best value, safety and reliability.

Ringing around and taking the cheapest price out of three could be fatal. The different standards between operators is amazing. There are professionals who are regulated with governing bodies like the DVSA (Driver Vehicle Standards Agency), The CPT (Confederation of Passenger Transport), and TfGM (Transport for Greater Manchester). And there are cowboys who go under the line but appear attractive, based on price. You need to ensure you are receiving a service that is compliant with industry standards then look at the prices being charged. Coach travel is like the airlines, one of the safest ways to travel statistically, until it goes wrong and then people can lose lives.

Based on your annual spend, we integrate it with what we are already doing and make it more efficient. We cut out dead mileage that is a waste. We track our vehicles and drive more efficiently saving money on fuel. Part of our fleet are government-funded Yellow School buses. As they have no large capital outlays, the standing vehicle costs are lower, meaning we can pass savings on to your organisation. 

Ask yourself what you are getting for your money. A £500 trip to Blackpool on a 49 seater executive coach, with a friendly trained driver who goes the extra mile and makes the day, is worth it all day long against a price of £450 for a standard aged coach, with a potential breakdown, and a miserable driver with an attitude who ruins everyone’s day for the sake of £1 per head.

Weigh your ‘benefits’ against your ‘pounds.’ If you think it is expensive to hire a professional – wait until you hire an amateur!

We have a large and varied fleet of vehicles to offer you. Available across Manchester and surrounding counties.

Whatever the size and class of your group, wherever you may be travelling, we have the coach to meet your requirements for coach hire in Manchester. Our vehicles are satellite tracked, so we have huge fuel savings from improved driving skills, so we offer better value on our prices.

Our fleet ranges from standard coach hire, executive coach hire to luxury/corporate coach hire. Your group size can vary from 4 passengers in a chauffeur driven car right up to 83 passengers on a double decker coach.

We offer you a modern fleet of vehicles driven by a professionally trained team who go the extra mile.

Facilities onboard can include:

  • Single or Double Decks
  • Reclining Seats
  • Air Conditioning
  • Reading Lights
  • Toilet & Washroom
  • ​Fridge
  • ​Drinks Servery
  • Tables
  • CD/DVD Entertainment Systems
  • Sun Screen Blinds or Curtains
  • PA and Audio System
  • Center Exit
  • Courier Seat
  • Drinks Machine
  • Satellite Navigation System
  • TV Monitors
  • Tracking System

Take a 360 degree tour of one of our coaches!

Coach Hire in Manchester

Let Belle Vue transfer your team from A to B on time, every time.

Belle Vue have a cost effective, streamlined, operational process to integrate any staff movement requirements to your utmost need.

Whether you are a distribution factory, a staff catering supplier for corporate events, or recruitment agency providing businesses with expert teams, or a football club wanting to be more organised and professional, we have a range of coach hire solutions to meet your requirements.

Belle Vue bus and coach hire provide businesses across the northwest with some of the smartest staff work bus/coach shuttle solutions. 

Your teams will see a great benefit when reaching your place of work safely, and on time to start their shift rota, or warm up and train before a big game. Our friendly team will meet their expectation’s taking the hassle out of the transport movement, so they arrive refreshed and ready to go.

We have a range of vehicles across our fleet, from minibus hire and midi-coach hire to executive coaches which can include tables and power sockets so your teams can work whilst travelling ensuring maximum use of time.

Our fleet has a range of state-of-the-art features such as live CCTV and tracking systems.

Benefits of using our coach hire services include:

  • Building and Increasing team morale
  • Increasing team performance
  • Creating better organisation
  • Reduce CO2 emissions
  • Save on the cost of car parking, fuel and downtime in multi vehicle travelling.

Clients who have benefitted with these services are organisations such as Wythenshawe Town FC and Manchester Giants Basketball team. 

Instead of football players making their own way to games, getting lost, getting stressed and not arriving in an organised manner ready to approach a game, travelling by coach has reduced the need to contact different players, and being on edge that players will arrive for big games.

Travelling by coach, builds efficiency, relaxation, team bonding and success. Since Wythenshawe FC travelled by coach their team bonding has heightened resulting in a better team ethic which produces results.

All of our team are smart and well-groomed, and wear a corporate branded uniform. Our team are trained above the norm to CPC standard, (the highest form of transport training available within the industry today), vetted and DBS checked (to work with children and vulnerable adults) and fully inducted into our company policies and operations manuals, creating a superb travel experience for you and your group.

If you want to win – contact our friendly team – and see the rewards today.

Frequently Asked Questions

“Thank you for considering Belle Vue for your next travel requirement. Our goal is to provide a transport service by road that is safer, cleaner and greener. We’d love to be part of your next travel adventure. Please contact our friendly team if we can assist you further.”

- Phil Hitchen M.D. Belle Vue (Manchester) Ltd.