The old saying is that if you want a job done properly do it yourself. But staff in our team go to Operations Assistant George Docherty. There is seemingly no end to his talents – driving, cleaning, fuelling, washing, digging, repairing, moving, shifting, delivering, cooking, baking, decorating, climbing, organising, mapping, training, praising, assisting, fixing, finding, researching, painting, gardening, varnishing, sweeping, shunting, negotiating, co-ordinating, dressing up, dressing down – these are just a few of the requests George has fulfilled on behalf of the Belle Vue team over the last few years! This is why George was nominated for a second time, despite being a silver winner in this category the year before. George is truly an inspiration to all the staff and is the driving force behind our operations and driver team. Being a ‘high red’ personality, his determination to get the job done leaves people in awe of his capabilities. George is shown to be someone who is happy to get stuck into whatever job is needed. He has a good eye for detail, even for tasks that he’s given at short notice. He regularly goes above and beyond and is a true unsung hero. Our George is a driving force in Operations to ensure service is delivered on time, every time.