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Belle Vue Manchester has brought you stories from PetrolPrices in the past that have been a huge benefit to motorists. This app is set to be the best to put cash back into your purses and wallets. So, if you want to save anything from 3p per litre and more, you could find you have saved yourself £100 per year or more, at no cost!

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Following a crowd sourcing project to generate the funding, PetrolPrices is launching a free app that shows you how much the fuel prices are at each and every pump. So, you enter your location, you get back the local fuel stations near you and the prices they charge for unlabelled fuel such as diesel and unleaded, to branded fuels if you prefer to continue using the same brand.

For those of you who are unaware, PetrolPrices has undergone a massive change to improve stability within its business and make sure its amazing service stays alive for everyone.

Part of those changes include redesigning and focusing more of our effort on the mobile app, as discussed in this article.

Try out our brand new app using the download buttons for your Android or iOS device below.

Unfortunately, the app is currently unavailable for Blackberry & Windows Phone. However, the website will still be available for all members.

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